About EMBL Blogs

EMBL Blogs is a platform for voices within the European Molecular Biology Laboratory. It was set up by EMBL’s Strategy and Communications team with the support of IT Services. Views expressed here are those of the author and may not reflect EMBL’s position. Please refer to the EMBL Community guidelines and privacy policy.

Blogs hosted on this platform:

Strategy and Communications

Learn about the work of EMBL’s Strategy and Communications team and get a glimpse into how they are approaching their work. This includes insight into EMBL’s websites, media relations, social media channels and how the EMBL brand is being protected and developed.
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On Genes, Brains & Beer

The team from the EMBL Epigenetics and Neurobiology Unit, brings together epigeneticists and neurobiologists, but also administrative staff, to explore the connections between genome, environment and neural function. We set up this blog to share our enthusiasm and passion for what we do, but also to trigger discussion on various topics beyond the lab.
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