Career profile: Laura Cortesi, Senior Operational Study Manager

We recently met with Laura Cortesi, who is a Senior Operational Study Manager working in the area of clinical trials management. In addition to talking about her career path, passion and motivation for this career area, Laura explains how parenthood prepared her to work in a role that requires coordination of tight timelines, different needs and unexpected events. She also shares advice for those applying to such roles. Continue reading “Career profile: Laura Cortesi, Senior Operational Study Manager”

Career profile: Barbara Tizzano, Clinical Trial Manager

During a recent visit to EMBL Hamburg, we met EMBL alumna Barbara Tizzano, who shared her experience of moving into clinical trial management. This is a career area that may be attractive for people who love coordinating projects and bringing people together to solve real-life problems.

The full interview is below. You also can find out more about the clinical research area in the following resources:

  • Article from science careers outlining some of the roles linked to clinical research.
  • Overview of clinical research associate role from new scientist careers (a career option related to trial management, more closely linked to clinical trial sites).

Continue reading “Career profile: Barbara Tizzano, Clinical Trial Manager”