Career profile: Erin Tranfield, Head of the Electron Microscopy Facility

Core facilities are becoming a crucial component of modern research institutions. They provide scientists with access to cutting-edge instrumentation and expertise in a cost-effective way. Always driven by her curiosity, EMBL alumnus Erin Tranfield built an international career at the interplay of biological and space research which ultimately took her to Portugal where she is the Head of the Electron Microscopy Facility at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência. In today’s interview she navigates her career path while discussing what working in a core facility looks like, the skills needed and academic culture issues. Continue reading “Career profile: Erin Tranfield, Head of the Electron Microscopy Facility”

How do group leaders recruit postdocs?

To inform a new workshop on applying to postdoc positions, we recently ran a survey on how group leaders recruit. So far we have 35 responses, which nicely complement our previous larger international survey on what to include in your CV.

Below you can read our preliminary results. Further survey responses from academic group leaders who hire postdocs are welcome!

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