What to include in your CV – an international perspective

Scientists are internationally mobile & they do not always find guidance on tailoring their CVs for specific sectors and countries. Following a recent twitter debate on whether photos should be included in CVs, the EMBL Fellows’ Career Service started a survey to provide evidence-based guidance for life scientists.

A PDF summary of the main conclusions, with a graphical visualisation of the results by sector and country can be downloaded here. This article aims to provide a more detailed discussion.

So that we can update this article with more guidance in future, we have left the survey open for further responses. We would particularly welcome input from countries with no or few responses so far, and those hiring life scientists in the diverse array of non-academic careers. We will update this post once we reach a critical mass of new responses. A big thank you to all those who have completed the survey so far – including science twitter, our personal contacts & members of the EMBO Young Investigator network.

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