Under construction: workshop on working with journalists

Phones that never stop ringing, desks full of press clippings, and interview notes spread all around. These may not be the first things you picture when you think of EMBL, but there’s one EMBL office where you can find all of these: the EMBL Press Office. But besides working with journalists, we are also here to work with you, EMBL researchers!

There’s a lot to be gained from media work including new skills, a more prominent public profile and experience in explaining your work to different audiences in an elegant and engaging way. Who knows? Working with journalists might even help you explain your job to your parents once and for all.

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Press office sprint 1: journalist personas

Sprinting – running at full speed over a short distance. That’s what the word meant to me before joining EMBL on 2 November 2017. Who would’ve thought that merely six weeks later, I would actually be leading an Agile sprint focusing on journalist personas? Not me. But I truly enjoyed the first press office sprint and want to share some of our insights with you. Continue reading “Press office sprint 1: journalist personas”