Editorial theme: Curiosity

A good editorial theme is interesting, memorable and strikes a chord. The aim is to attract and inspire readers to do something. Last, but not least, it should be inspirational and speak to our readers about the one thing they care about — their future. Read more about why we are introducing themes here.

In our latest creative meeting, we agreed that between October and December 2017, we will tackle an exciting and inspiring theme: curiosity. To do so, we need your help and ideas!
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Introducing editorial themes

Editorial themes are something that we have used to tie the EMBLetc magazine together in recent editions. Themes spark intrigue, provide focus and allow us to capture great stories from the most unexpected places. We are now planning to expand this concept to inspire stories and other content across EMBL’s diverse range of communication channels.
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What does a story owner do?

If you have attended one our weekly production meetings you will have noticed that when we agree to run a story and we have defined broadly how it should be treated, one of the first things we do is nominate a story owner. What does this mean?

Story owners have two key functions:

  1. Liaising with the story’s stakeholders
  2. Liaising with the story’s content producers

In some senses it’s a role that coordinates the production process of the story, looking both outwards (towards stakeholders who have an interest in the story or the audiences to which it will be told) and inwards (to the writers, illustrators, video producers and so on).
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How to pitch a story

Every Monday at 10.30am we run a meeting to gather ideas for stories we should be telling via EMBL’s channels. You are welcome to come along to these story meetings (usually held in room B18 in the ATC – accessible via video conference if you’re not in Heidelberg) and to pitch your own ideas. Please be prepared to explain:

  • Key message
  • Audience
  • Hook

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Formats for editorial content

We often talk about ‘stories’ and ‘articles’ as if they were interchangeable, but they are not. To ensure that we all speak the same language, Adam has been developing some standard formats for editorial content. These include:

  • Announcement
  • Update
  • Feature
  • Opinion
  • Explainer

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Refining our editorial processes

We have been having editorial meetings every Monday since April. These involve audience stakeholders (our colleagues from the Office of Resource Development, for instance, who work with potential donors to EMBL) and content producers within our team. The idea is that everyone can pitch stories and then we figure out how best to handle them.

These meetings are a good start, but they could be a lot better. Some of the things that aren’t going so well include:

  • Unclear story commissioning
  • Poor feedback on production
  • Poorly defined audiences
  • Ad hoc formats
  • Editorial cycle dominated by EMBLetc. production
  • Structural and role changes in Strategy and Communications

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