What is Core Content?

Whenever I introduce myself as EMBL’s Core Content Manager, I inevitably have to explain what core content is. The short answer is that it’s long-lasting content, that we can use in many ways, including to support the more news-y stories we tell. But what does that mean, exactly?
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Strategy and Communications: one year in

Last week, Dan and I got a chance to present the work of the Strategy and Communications team to EMBL’s senior management, at the meeting of the Scientific Strategy and Management Advisory Committee (SSMAC) in Hamburg. It’s approximately one year since the Strategy and Communications team was formed, and it was a good opportunity to both look back at some of the work completed and to look forward at some of the projects that lie ahead. If you’d like to see what we presented, download the presentation [PDF – 1.7MB].

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Redesigning EMBL’s websites

We are going to be kicking off some long-term projects to redesign EMBL’s web presence. Before we begin, it’s important to establish a clear understanding of what we mean by this. Are we talking about:

  • A new website?
  • The website?
  • All of EMBL’s websites?

We are thinking of this work as 3 distinct projects:

  1. EMBL’s main website (embl.org)
  2. An intranet for EMBL
  3. A website focussing on the scientific services that EMBL offers

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