Hello my name’s Patrick

Hello world,

A selfie of Patrick
Hello world (and hello Emma)

My name is Patrick Müller and I joined the EMBL crew as a Trainee in July. Before my time here, I was doing a PhD in physics in Berlin. After a year of shooting my laser at stuff, I quit, turned to science journalism and did an apprenticeship in Hamburg.

In the StratCom team, my main objectives will be (German) outreach tasks with Verena, and press releases with Iris. Besides that, I am into social media, pop culture and cute animals. Nice to meet you.

Questioning the questions in the EMBL Design Lab

You know what it’s like being new in the job. Every time I start, I’m thinking about making my boss happy while completing tasks without angering the stakeholders (which also wouldn’t help with the former). You feel like plankton in a shark tank. You go with the flow, and you don’t even dream of controlling it one day. Continue reading “Questioning the questions in the EMBL Design Lab”

New team members

Chloë dropped in to say hello today – she’s been on maternity leave since the summer. There were so many introductions to make, so many new team members to meet! It’s prompted me to put together this post to welcome the amazing new people that have joined the Strategy and Communications team over the past couple of months.

In no particular order: Continue reading “New team members”