The EMBL Imaging Centre: all about visibility

The future EMBL Imaging Centre will be a technology platform for state-of-the-art microscopy at EMBL Heidelberg. It will allow scientists and industry to use and develop new microscopy techniques to visualise the smallest building blocks of life, and thus its basic processes.

EMBL Imaging Centre Technology Centre Heidelberg grraphic scientist electron microscope advanced light microscope EM ALMF
The EMBL Imaging Centre will host cutting edge imaging technologies. Image: Matthias Schardt/IBA Heidelberg

The EMBL Imaging Centre will also host a permanent exhibition open to the public. The exhibition, henceforth termed visitor experience, will introduce EMBL as an organization, explain the importance of basic research and showcase the potential and the impact that imaging technologies have. It is an invitation to the public to get to know EMBL better, but also to dispel prejudices against basic research. Continue reading “The EMBL Imaging Centre: all about visibility”