Virtual lab tour – the ASARI lab

Here is how a new lab at EMBL looks.

A brand-new glass door with a cool EMBL logo. Yes, we have an open environment to facilitate effective group interaction and communication.
ASARI Lab Entrance

A wet lab area with a suite of devices, including micropipette puller and beveler.
ASARI Lab Prep Area

A darkroom with custom-made experimental rigs. This room is of course very specific to our lab to study the visual responses of the retina both in vitro and in vivo.
ASARI Lab Darkroom

And a workshop! I am very proud of having a 3D printer, a milling machine, and other power tools so that we can build things like microscopes by ourselves.
ASARI Lab Workshop

We have a remodeling plan for the entire building. So, all the labs should (more or less) look like this soon!

P.S. We also have a plan to recruit more group leaders. So, stay tuned!

Author: Hiroki Asari

Group leader in Neurobiology at EMBL Rome since 2016. Interested in the principles and the function of neuronal circuits, specifically in the early visual system in mice.

One thought on “Virtual lab tour – the ASARI lab”

  1. Great to see it all taking shape! It was all rather empty when I met you there last spring. I’d love to see the 3D printer in action.

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