EMBL Rome 20th Anniversary – Name that Beer Contest!

EMBL Rome is celebrating its first 20 years on 8 July 2019. As part of the celebration, I am brewing a large batch of beer in collaboration with Valentino at Pork’N’Roll, a Roman brewpub. We will be brewing this beer at the award winning Italian brewery, Mukkeller. The beer will be served at the anniversary party July 8 and hopefully you will be taking some home as well. It’s a Belgian Pale Ale featuring light spiciness and a twist of lemon for freshness on a hot summer day. How can you be part of this? You can help name the beer! The contest is open to current staff or anyone who previously worked at EMBL Rome. To participate send an email with your name, when you worked at EMBL Rome, and your suggested beer name. Keep in mind that the name needs to fit nicely on a bottle label.

—- Entries are due by 17:00 on May 10 —-

The following week all staff and participants will be asked to vote for their favorite entry. What’s in it for the winner? 1) Your name featured on the EMBL Rome 20th Anniversary Beer label (pretty cool!), 2) special prize to be determined (might be way more cool?). Get your entries in now!

Author: sawitzke

Head of Genetic and Viral Engineering Facility. Member of EMBL staff since June 2015. Expertise includes: genetic engineering, molecular biology, bacterial genetics, CRISPR and viral engineering and production. Longtime staff scientist with Don Court developing recombineering after postdoc with Stuart Austin at National Cancer Institute, USA. PhD with Frank Stahl at University of Oregon 1993. Avid home-brewer for 26 years. Beer judge since 2008 and currently the highest ranked BJCP beer judge in Europe.

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