Horst Hamann captures EMBL Rome

Horst Hamann with one of his signature triptych images.

Horst Hamann recently visited EMBL Rome. Horst is an artist and photographer who has published a highly successful series of black and white art books, several of which use his signature vertical and triptych formats. He is passionate about football, and has published several photo books of famous footballers and stadiums. Fortunately, he is also passionate about Rome, and on the occasion of our 20th anniversary we invited him to capture the atmosphere at EMBL Rome in the form of still images and a short promotional film – all in black and white. The results are exciting and will be out shortly. Here is just a short teaser. 

Author: Cornelius Gross

Neurobiologist interested in the molecular and cellular mechanisms of the control of instinctive behavior associated with defense, reproduction, and ingestion; EMBL Group Leader since 2003, Senior Scientist & Deputy Head of Unit since 2009, postdoc with Rene Hen at Columbia University, PhD with William McGinnis at Yale University 1995

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